If everyone does a little, we can make a big difference!

Jaiden’s Mission:

Inspire the world.

“If everyone does a little, we will make a big difference!”


Jaiden’s Mission

To inspire others no matter what age or size to make an active difference for others! There are many ways to give back to your family, school, community and even complete strangers. It doesn’t take much to do something kind and touch the hearts of others!

I challenge YOU to make a positive difference everyday!

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Our Partners 

Jaiden Henry has teamed up with numerous partners making even bigger positive impact. One example is Jaiden’s 6th Anuual Toy Drive giving back to over 2,600 kids in need. It took teams of incredible individuals coming together to make Jaiden’s goal of helping 2,000 kids achievable!

Some partners include: All Kids Matter Foundation, American Heart Association, Caring Patriots, Chicago Vets, Christ Children’s Advocate Hospital, Conrady Junior High School, Freedom Farm For Veterans, Glen Oaks Elementary, Hope Manor 2, Lyle Elementary, Kids Rank, Morris Hospital, Park Forest Police Department, Riverdale Park District, Ronald McDonald House, RTW Veterans Center, One Savvy Veteran, SocialWorks, Stagg High School, The Mission Continues and many more!


Community Honors Award

RiverDale Park District and All Kids Matter Foundation honor Jaiden with the Giving, Serving and Sharing award.


Jaiden’s Impact

Whether it’s thousands of messages for one person or thousands of people collecting food for thousands of others. These are just some ways we are making a positive difference in our world. It can take a minute of your time or a couple hours in your week to actively to impact or put a smile on someone’s faces. Since 2013, I have set out on a mission doing over 300+ community service projects giving back. This would not have been possible without the support of incredible volunteers joining us to make a bigger impact. When we all work together, anything is possible!



Community Service Projects Completed

No project is too big or small and Jaiden has done it all.

Some projects include: Educating 1,000+ middle school students how to give hand CPR, Collecting 1,000+ cards for WWII Army Veteran’s 100th birthday, Collecting 11,000+ toys for sick kids in the hospital and military kids in need, Partnering with SocialWorks collecting 16,157 warm winter items for the homeless and also collected over 700,000+ bags of food that went to homeless, veterans and also hurricane survivors in Puerto Rico.


1 mil+

People Impacted by Jaiden

One project can touch hundreds of thousands of people’s hearts and motivate them to continue daily that positive momentum of inspiring others to do the same. Jaiden has found exceptional ways to develop teams in communities to actively do their parts and stand together to make a lasting impression. His dream is to inspire future generations to be leaders and work together to inspire others to serve with them.



Years of serving communities

Jaiden started his journey after almost losing his life in the hospital to a rare genetic disease called Kawasaki disease. While in the hospital volunteers that didn’t even know him came in to make him smile, which inspired him to be that volunteer for others. He has done incredible work and for that has been recognized by numerous organizations for multiple awards.


Jaiden’s Projects

Each month brings on new challenges to connect any individual with an opportunity to make a positive difference. Each project is meant to touch the hearts of not only the person receiving the messages or food, but also those that are actual volunteers of the project. Jaiden has a way of touching hundreds of thousands of hearts and inspire others to want to be involved. With over 300+ projects completed, he is continuing to do his part to motivate others to make a bigger impact. Join us and become apart of our team to make an active difference.


Letters For Heroes

Monthly projects to provide an opportunity for anyone to share encouraging words, show positive support or even wish a happy birthday to a hero. Many ways to get involved no matter where you live!

ANnual TOy Drive

Many families face challenging times and can’t provide their children with toys for the holidays. Jaiden has stepped up to fill the gap and motivates teams to collect toys to donate to kids in multiple hospitals or military kids in need.

Warm Winter Initiative

The weather in Chicago can be pretty cold during several months of the year and Jaiden provides many projects to collect warm winter items and even tents to keep the homeless warm.

Food Drives

Providing opportunities and projects year round to collect much needed items for others. Whether it is a natural disaster that destroyed everything, or a family going through a rough time, we create ways for others to join us in helping those in need.


October 2017

“This kid is the epitome of a b.e.a.s.t! Build educate and serve together is not just something he says but his actions prove it. I can say wholeheartedly that Jaiden has a genuine soul who is not forced to help others, he actually wants to.”

Brandon Smith [Founder and CVO of Legendary Mindz]



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